Srivatsa Prahallada(Qualcomm) (5/5)

“I have been appreciating art work my entire life so far but never ever had I come so close to the one who perfects it.

Priyanka uses her pencil like a magic wand and creates mesmerizing memories.

Like any father of a new born, I was so skeptical about getting my son’s portrait done. He was just 6 months old and any parent can easily guess the biased reservations that gets churned when it is about sketching their own little one.

“What if my son starts looking like a cartoon in the art? Will the artist end up making a joke out of my bundle of joy? Can the artist capture those beautiful bright eyes?”

I guess Priyanka can gauge these emotions very well; her turnaround time was just within few days. And the portrait had perfectly captured the innocence, the spark of the eyes, shimmer on those cute lips and glitters of joy! Priyanka is gifted to have high scores on the attention to the details.

The entire family was  so happy and excited to get the portrait framed. The portrait still proudly hangs on walls of the hallway.

Priyanka is still an engineer at heart and she is active on social media, she continues to be computer savvy. These gestures will assure prompt and timely responses for all her customers.

While you explore other works of Priyanka and read other testimonials, I will get back to the portrait and continue to wonder how those few pencil strokes changed the ambiance of the hallway!”